Picnik: The Best Way to Manage All Your Pictures Online

Having your personal and familiar pictures in the same place –no matter where you have them— is a great solution for you. But, what if you are allowed to get all your pictures from Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa and your own PC all together in a unique place? You can do that with Picnik. If you are willing to put everything in action –pictures and images— Picnik is the most efficient and straightforward way to edit your photos online. One of the most amazing things you are able to do with Picnik is that you can transform your picture through a powerful editor, perform amazing effects and get a wonderful finishing like a pro. With Picnik you can try creative effects, introduce fonts, shapes and include geourgous frames in just few clicks.

Benefits of using Picnik

There are more than a few benefits using Picnik as your personal tool for editing your pictures. Once you get access to Picnik’s official website (at www.picnik.com) you are allowed to immediately start working with your pictures and photos without any kind of registration –in order you don’t have to waste your time typing personal information. In addition, no matter if you speak French, Chinese or Indonesian; Picnik is available in more than 16 different languages so that you can feel comfortable in your own native language.

Main features

You don’t have to install any software and waste your time configuring anything. Definitely, with Picnik you can easily manipulate your pictures effortlessly and pretty fast. In my personal opinion, I believe this is the most efficient tool for those people who cannot handle advanced, complex and sophisticated software. Additionally, Picnik comes with a lot of features which can lead you to get a wonderful finish. Let’s see some of the most important things you can do with Picnik.

  • Edit your pictures with only one click: You are allowed to edit your pictures only with one click. One of the most amazing things you can do with that you can manipulate your pictures with one click without having to make any complex thing.
  • Advanced controls: The free Picnik version comes with advanced features and controls in order you can do a lot of things with your pictures.
  • Picture manipulation: With Picnik you can easily crop your pictures, resize them, rotate them and everything is very fast and in real time.
  • Special effects: One of the most outstanding features you can enjoy from Picnik is the special effects. There are wide range of effects and filters you can apply to all your pictures to provide a pretty nice finish. You can choose from a variety of artistic effects from funny ones to professional styles.
  • Pretty fonts:  Furthermore, Picnik can help to you manipulate a lot of fonts in order you can add text to your pictures with the art and style you really love.
  • Cross-platform: Another important thing is that when you export your pictures you can use it in any operating system and formats used –for exporting pictures—are the most used in the market. So, if you use Linux-based operating systems, Windows or Mac, don’t worry about the output of your pictures.
  • Additional features for a small fee: Finally, if you are interested in enhance the Picnik’s capabilities, you can choose the paid version of Picnik. For only $24.95 USD you can enjoy for real sophisticated and highly professional features during 12 months.
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