This online file hosting app provides the solution to all the users looking to store and share files online. Users can upload files as large as 2GB, it also allows you to simultaneously download and store files. RapidShare has a lot of features: In RapidShare´s website there´s links checker to verify whether the user´s URL … Continue reading RapidShare


I discovered photobucket through using WordPress. It’s a very easy to use site that hosts pictures and videos.  I find that it is the easiest place to look for photos of basically anything.  When I need pictures for banner designs or simply for school work I right away go into photobucket. Through photobucket you can … Continue reading Photobucket

Google Drive

Google Drive is a desktop add on for users who require more storage space and synchronization for their google docs. It´s also consider a service where you can browse all your google stored files (emails included) as the GDrive. The main features of Google Drive are: It lets you chose to share your documents and … Continue reading Google Drive